About Julie


A little about me:

My name is Julie Beeks, and I am a twenty- seven year old attorney living in Charleston, South Carolina.

I started a blog when I was in college at Clemson University (Go Tigers!), and it has held several different identities throughout the last five years. I attribute that to my growth as a writer and my interests changing. It once focused solely on politics, as I worked for a United States Senator. Since then, as I’ve transitioned into a full time career practicing law, I wanted to start blogging regularly to showcase my writing and as an outlet. What you’ll find here mostly includes short stories, but sometimes I’ll throw in a different style post.

I am passionate about many things including, but not limited to: my English bulldog, murder mysteries, Halloween and all things Autumn, Disney World, coffee of all kinds, and politics.

I hope you enjoy what I have to share!



I can be found on several social media outlets as well:

Instagram: @iamjuliebeeks

Bookstagram: @charlestonbookgirl

Twitter: @iamjuliebeeks

Email: iamjuliebeeks@gmail.com